Lynn is from Chicago. Her work ranges from appearances in Chaplin to Unsolved Mysteries. Lynn plays a victim of a kidnapping whose luck changes suddenly in the middle of UNDONE.


Chad Lindberg is originally from Seattle. He has starred in Velocity of Gary and October Sky. He brought great orignality and energy to the role of Paul in UNDONE.


Heather is originally from Dallas, Texas. She's got two upcoming projects: Breaking Point and Gilmore Girls. She adds a real nasty streak to the role of Christine.


Lloyd is originally from New Orleans. He came to acting through modeling, and he's landed roles in The Warden and Varsity Blues. In UNDONE, he plays a twisted acolyte who really enjoys his work.


Billy is originally from Seattle. He has worked in television and in movies such as The Warden and The Heist. He makes sure Nate is the least likable guy in UNDONE.


Hayden is eight years old. He loves to act, and he also loves karate. He hopes to be a black belt one day. He plays part of the perfect family in UNDONE.


Richard is from Minnesota. His most recent work includes the films I Got the Hookup and Marlene. In UNDONE, he plays Colgate, a flamboyant conceptual artist who sets the story in motion.


Amanda is eleven years old. She's been acting and modeling for two years. She also enjoys gymnastics and dance. Her frist film role is the perfect daughter in UNDONE.


David began his career as a chemical engineer before turning to acting. He has been in The Edge and Town and Country. He plays the husband who has no idea what his wife does at night.


Kandeyce was born in Berlin and raised in the Bay Area. She has starred in Star Maps and many other features. In addition to directing UNDONE, she also plays the lead role of a woman with a dark side who has taken her curiosity to its limit.