Kandeyce Jorden has acted in such films as Star Maps and Mad Song. UNDONE is the first film she's directed. She has also directed another short, LAYOVER, which can be seen at www.skyy.com. She is currently developing a feature.


David Veloz wrote and produced UNDONE. He has also written such movies as Natural Born Killers and has written & directed Permanent Midnight.


Euripides Nuñez is the cinematographer on UNDONE. He's responsible for making the film look as good as it does. He's a graduate of AFI, and he won a Cinematography Award at the Denver Film Festival in 1998.


Brian Langsbard


Brian Langsbard composed the incredible score for UNDONE. Brian's classical background makes his electronic work really stand out. Check out samples of his music at www.brianlangsbard.com.


Steve Cross was an invaluable support during the production of UNDONE. He managed and coordinated almost every aspect of the production, and without him, we wouldn't have been able to make this film.